About Us

As the regulatory body and professional association for social workers in Newfoundland and Labrador, NLCSW is committed to improving the well-being of the public by ensuring high-quality social work practice and advancing equitable health and social policy.


2016-2017 Board of Directors

Glenda Webber, President
Henry Kielley, President Elect
Mona Romaine-Elliott, Past President
Nadine Calloway, Executive Member at Large
Lesley Bishop, Board Member at Large 
Cyril McLaughlin, Central Representative
Cindy Parsons, Western Representative
Lana Park, Eastern Representative
Cheryl Mallard, Avalon East Representative
Vickie Musseau, Labrador/Grenfell Representative
Geoff Peters, Public Representative
Minnie Ann Piercey, Public Representative
Rebecca Roome, Public Representative
Wanda Legge, Public Representative 


2016-2017 Board Liaisons

Joan Davis-Whelan, CASW Representative
Maggie Millican, Student Representative

2016-2017 External Representatives

Wendy Groves, CASW Aboriginal Special Interest Council
Donna Ronan, CASW Canadian Social Work Journal
Tracey Steele, CASW Health Interest Group
Ruth Parsons, CASW Private Practice Special Interest Council
Vanessa White, MUN Graduate Studies



Tracy Blake
Angelina Butt
Erin Daley
Tammy Hicks-Young
Natalie Hopkins-Andrews
Annette Johns
Deanne O'Brien
Simone Pelley



The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by the CASW to an individual or group of individuals selected from their membership by each CASW member organization.

CASW Distinguished Service Award - criteria and nomination forms
CASW Distinguished Service Award - past recipients

The NLCSW Pride in the Profession award is presented annually to a registered social worker who promotes the advancement of social work in Newfoundland and Labrador and demonstrates outstanding pride in the profession.

NLCSW Pride In The Profession Award - information
NLCSW Pride In The Profession Award - nomination form
NLCSW Pride In The Profession Award - past recipients

The NLCSW Student Award is presented annually to a student graduating with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland who has demonstrated a high level of practice competence and commitment to the profession.

NLCSW Student Award - information
NLCSW Student Award - nomination form
NLCSW Student Award - past recipients