Health Accord NL - NLCSW Actively Engaged with the Task Force

Work is underway to develop a 10-year Health Accord for the province. The task force leading this work is co-chaired by Sister Elizabeth Davis and Dr. Patrick Parfrey. NLCSW believes that health care reform must incorporate the social determinants of health which is outlined in our Social Determinants of Health Policy Framework.

The NLCSW has actively engaged with the Health Accord’s Task Force to discuss our vision for health care service delivery in NL. NLCSW Board members and staff met with members of the Task Force in January, and we were invited to present to the Health Accord’s Task Force in May to share our priorities for better health and health care, and to the Health Accord’s Community Care Committee in June to share our perspective on the role of social work in primary health care.

NLCSW will continue to avail of opportunities to inform the work of the Health Accord Task Force as they develop a plan for health care reform in this province. Improved health outcomes, a reduction in health disparities and inequalities, lower health care costs and a healthier population is what we aspire to in health care reform.